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Site Map – Navigate the System
Below is an overview of Markate platform:

There are numerous features that are a part of the platform and available for you! They all offer technology that can help your business run effectively and efficiently.

The screenshots and summary of each of the components will guide you through the platform.


Click Markate logo. You will be directed to the dashboard where you can monitor your business insight. You can also customize your Dashboard by toggling customize ON.


Click Schedule. You will be directed to the Markate Calendar – Month view. You can then change the Calendar view of your choice. Create an Event or Work Order clicking on the respective button. Click Settings for Calendar setup.


Click Sales and find all sales related features like Customers, Estimates. Work Orders, Invoices and Items. Click the one you want to get directed to.

     * Customers: Click Sales > Customers


     * Estimates: Click Sales > Estimates


   * Work Orders: Click Sales > Work Orders


   * Invoices: Click Sales > Invoices



Click Expenses. You will be directed to My Expenses. Record Expense and/or Mileage by clicking the respective button. You can also create in advance a list of Expense Categories and Expense Vendors to save and use as needed.



Click Inquiries to view all your Leads. Leads are created from Online Booking or Lead Contact Form. You can also add them manually by clicking +New Lead.



Click Marketing to access marketing strategies. We have very useful features under Marketing to attract customers like SMS & Email Blast, Deals & Steals, Postcard Automation etc. Click the feature tab of your choice and business need.



Click Reports and then click the particular report to monitor your business activity.



Click More and find even more useful features like Employees where you can manage your employees and many more. Let’s explore them below:


* My Business: Click More > My Business to manage your business profile by adding/editing your business information.


* Before/After: Click More > Before/After. Click +Add Photos to add photos before and after your work. You can share these photos with your customers or on social media- the best way to showcase your work.


* Employees: Click More > Employees. Here, you can manage your employees. You can also track their location by clicking Track Location.


* Add-ons: Click More > Add-ons. These extremely useful features are available at a very minimal monthly charge. Online Booking helps your customers to book an appointment with you online without any assistance from you, Ask For Review helps your work gets reviewed on multiple popular platforms and so on.


Shortcut to creating Sales, event, expense etc.

Click (+) to create a new Customer, Estimate, Work Order, Invoice, Expense and so on at one go.



Click Settings icon on the top right and you will be directed to the Settings page. Click the respective tab from the side menu to perform settings. For Eg: Click Online Payments to set up Payment Methods.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, kindly email us to, call us @ 480-360-1360 (Monday-Friday MST 8:00am-5:00 pm) or chat with us.

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