Step 2: Click on the Work Order to open. At the bottom of the Work Order, press “Arrival” to start tracking time from your location to your customer’s location and send your customer an “On my way” message.


Step 3:  When you are at the job and ready to start work, tap “Start” at the bottom of the Work Order to start the timer for the job.

If you need to Pause the job to wait for parts or reschedule, press Pause to notify your customer and stop the timer for that job. When you are ready, press “Resume” to start the timer again.

If you need to take a break, Pause the job, go to the Clock Out screen. Clock In again when you are ready, and press “Resume” on the work order.

Step 4: Once the job is completed, tap “Complete” at the bottom of the Work Order to stop the timer for the job.


Step 5: If you have another job, go back to Schedule, press next Work Order and repeat the process.


Step 6At end of day when you hit complete on your last work order, you can go back to Clock In to track travel time back to office, and Clock Out when you are completely done for the day.

Here is a video showing how to do this.